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Fast Satta King Live Result

Delhi Bazar





( 05:10 AM )

{ 75 } { 58 }


( 11:50 PM )

{ 77 } { waiting image }
सट्टा का नाम कल आया था आज का रिज़ल्ट
Sadar bazar
01:15 PM
Record Chart
97 51
02:15 PM
Record Chart
96 83
Delhi Bazar
03:10 PM
Record Chart
87 71
Shri Ganesh
04:30 PM
Record Chart
04:55 PM
Record Chart
06:20 PM
Record Chart
08:50 PM
Record Chart
09:40 PM
Record Chart
10:30 PM
Record Chart
19 waiting image
सट्टा का नाम कल आया था आज का रिज़ल्ट
Karnal City
09:30 PM
Record Chart
07:15 PM
Record Chart

👉इंडिया का No 1 सट्टा कंपनी Satta King👈



सदर बाजार:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>1:10 PM

ग्वालियर::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>2:10 PM

दिल्ली बाजार:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>2:50 PM

श्री गणेश::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>4:05 PM

आगरा:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>5:10 PM

फरीदाबाद::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>5:45 PM

गाज़ियाबाद:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>8:10 PM

द्वारका ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>9:40 PM

गली ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>11:10 PM

दिसावर ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>1:15 AM


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01-07 38 34 74 -
02-07 08 08 60 08
03-07 86 75 35 13
04-07 05 90 89 27
05-07 93 18 77 75
Today - - - 58
Date Sadar bazarGWALIORDelhi BazarShri GaneshAGRADwarka
01-07 62 42 16 69 68 11
02-07 03 76 09 81 59 10
03-07 82 14 50 51 45 25
04-07 70 19 86 61 87 91
05-07 97 96 87 13 29 25
Today 51 83 71 - - -


Satta King

Satta King one of the most famous lottery or gambling gaming in India. Satta King is originated from the Satta Matka game, this game is revamped and planned according to region wise like formats of satta king is changes like deswar matka, faridabad matka, ghaziabad matka, satta king up, satta king mp and other regions of India too. Satta King provide the fastest website in the world who provide Satta King Result, Faridabad Result, Ghaziabad Result, Satta King UP Results and other multiple types of satta king results. We also provide charts for different types of games including previous 10 year charts and day by charts too.

Important Tips & Tricks to Win Satta King

Winning Satta King is not a big deal, you just need a proper guidence to to win the game. Satta King is a type of lottery game similar to casiono game you have to place the money on numbers, only here you get the daily chart according to the time and game and from that chart you have to select a number and if your calculated number is similar to the number selcted by the organizer then you win the game and become satta king.

  • Intially take a proper advice from experienced player and start investing small amounts into the game.
  • Second start searching easy games like Satta King, Desawar Matka, Faridabad Matka, Ghaziabad Matka and other forms of matka gaming.
  • Play game with proper mind, don't play the game in wrong mind like drunken or in presuure where your mind stop working.
  • Always take advice from proper experienced and trusted player who can guide you in every steps.

Satta King Live Results

Satta King most demanding form of satta matka gaming, it is just a type of lottery or gambling which is widely played in india and other parts of the world.Today with technological advancement the satta king game is becoming popular day by day and in 2021 according to the Google there are more than 1 million+ player of satta king playing games on daily basis. To provide the best out of best sattakingresult making themself technologically advance to provide you most updated and live online satta king result of different types of games result like deshawar result, ghaziabad result, satta king up result, faridabad result, gali result and other type of games too. There are many website who is providing live satta king result but is most trusted website in the market.

Satta King Wikipedia

Satta King an oldest form matka satta matka gaming played from past many years tain India and other part of the world. This game is quite famous as you can imagine there are more than 20 lakh+ search appears on Google only for the term Satta King. Satta King is a type of lottery or gambling where you have to select certain numbers in between 00 to 99 and place money over that as much as you can, if your number is equal to the selected number you will win the game and earn 100 times more profit of the total amount that you have invested an you will become satta king. Although the existance of game still a issue because according to the governmnet this game illegal because it involves placement of huge money and all the money back is depend upon the fortune of the player. There are many players who opt a wrong decision after loosing or winning the game. Due the advancement of technology satta king or matka came in existance again and organizers are demanding that if sports betting are legal they why govenment are banning satta king as it also follow the same concept. With considring the demand of the game in the market government has legalized this game in some geographical juridiction. Satta King follow the latest update and follow the market trend so due to that reason we can provide multiple information like Satta King Record , Satta King Chart to allow hasssale free play to the users.

What is Satta King Record

Satta King Record is a type of bookkeeping where the game organizers used to kept all the results according to the game and type in an chart which is known as Satta King Chart where all the data should be kept. This Satta King Result Data would help the organizers or player both to find the next day Satta Number or in calculating satta number.

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